It is with great pleasure that ARIAS-Ireland is welcomed as the seventh ARIAS society to affiliate with AIDA. It has also been admitted as a member of AIDA Europe.

At the initiative of Arbitration Ireland, under whose auspices ARIAS-Ireland will operate as a sub-committee, the society is intended both to raise awareness and improve the quality of arbitration to be developed and delivered in Ireland for the insurance and reinsurance markets.

Representatives from across a wide spread of existing members of Arbitration Ireland concerned with insurance and reinsurance disputes at both individual and corporate level will combine as ARIAS-Ireland under the direction of a designated steering committee.

Further details of ARIAS-Ireland will be posted shortly.

Congratulations are owed to Arbitration Ireland and for those within AIDA for their support and encouragement in helping to bring ARIAS-Ireland and their AIDA affiliation to fruition. They are a welcome affiliate, member and additional contributor to the work of both AIDA and AIDA Europe.